Looking at the long range models a week before the chase began, things were not looking good. The GFS put a stationary upper level low over Arizona and left it there, killing the flow in the plains. As it turned out the low did form, but about 150 miles farther east over western New Mexico. This supplied southwesterly flow to the westernmost areas of chase country: New Mexico, west Texas, Colorado, etc.

The chances for big tornado days were not great, but it still turned out to be a really fun tour, with 8 chase days in a row before things closed down. We did see three tornadoes, albeit brief ones, and there was the potential of significant tornadoes on a couple of days.

One unique thing about the trip was that 5 of the 8 chase days were in areas I'd never chased before and some in places I'd never been before: southeastern New Mexico, west Texas, etc. Considering there was not a single day with a SPC Moderate threat, we had great storms almost every day, and some especially good storm structure.

2014 Chase Logs / Summary

2014 Photo Album:
2014 Photo Album with captions

Chase Day Pages:

May 20th, 2014: Long lasting "I-70" great structured supercell from Bennett to Burlington, CO.

May 21st, 2014: Monster tornadic hailstorm near Denver International Airport.

May 23rd, 2014: Sunset supercell with great structure near Carlsbad, NM.

May 24th, 2014: Massive dusk supercell near Carlsbad, NM with power flashes.

May 26th, 2014: Patricia, TX and Garden City, TX tornadic supercells.

All pictures (C) Richard Hamel 2017.

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